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Our Story;
From chicken to truck


“It started when Daniel cooked me bbq chicken 6 years ago. It was so fresh and juicy I remember thinking, I have to help share this with the world.”

- Jacob, aka Mr Yes.

March, 2001

Jacob and Daniel meet on the first day of primary school. They quickly become best friends and pledge to one day ride a tandem bike to university together.

October, 2017

Jacob and Daniel fulfil their commitment and ride a tandem bike to university.

August, 2020

Jacob and Daniel both go crazy during Melbourne’s lockdown, grow moustaches, and agree to go into business together.

January, 2021

At the team's first market, the people agree that their chicken is damn fresh and real juicy.

May, 2021

Moving up in the world, Mr Yes and Mr No get their faces on a marquee.

October, 2021

Mr Yes and Mr No purchase a truck, and receive a call asking them to attend an event at the Sidney Myer Music bowl. Two weeks later their truck is ready to trade.

Present day, 2022

Mr Yes and Mr No never miss an opportunity to take the truck out and serve delicious food. 

A few of our Mates

What really matters to us


We think good food should be available to everyone! Fresh food made with quality ingredients doesn’t need to cost the world.


There is no substitute for delicious! We strive to make food where the sides are as good as the mains, with flavours that elevate the entire culinary experience.

Never pretentious

Everyone knows what good food is, and that great food is more often about simplicity than complexity.

"The best food in Melbourne!! I am blown away by the quality every time!"

- Google review from another very satisfied customer

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